CabriaRoll Vertical Awning

We had 3 very large screens attached to the side of our house on our second story to help combat the heat.
Thomas Knowles, Pacific Palisades

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Retractable Vertical Awnings—Shade your outdoor living space by adding this custom drop down system.

The perfect and most logical way to keep heat out of a home is to deflect the sun’s harmful radiation from the outside before it gets in through the windows and doors with a CabriaRoll.  If some visibility is desired customers can choose sun screen mesh materials that have 4-14% openess factor.  These types of retractable drop roll shades are the first step in seizing control of one’s home indoor temperatures and taking back their climate control.  An air conditioning thermostat should not be your only form of defense against heat.

 Did you know?

  • CabriaRolls provide excellent Solar Protection.
  • Block Sun & Heat before it enters your home.
  • The CabriaRoll Awning is completely out of view from the inside of the home when the awning is closed/retracted.


What our customers are saying:

“A very professional gentleman showed up on time and we discussed the potential project” —Jack C., Los Angeles

Very happy & grateful.  We recommend your company to several of our friends.” —Robert C., Whittier

“The Awning was the perfect solution.” —Greg H., Thousand Oaks


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Product Features

  • Cable Guided System with 1/2″ Weight Bar and Stainless Steel Eye Ends
  • Custom Widths Up to 20′ and Vertical Drops to 20′
  • Universal Brackets at Opposite Ends Can Mount to Wall or Ceiling
  • Aluminum Bracket – 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 1″ Thick — Steel Bracket – 3.875″ x 3.5″ x 1/8″ Thick
  • Can be Used to Create Shade, Privacy and Prevent Glare From the Exterior
  • Motorized or Manual Gear with Crank