Continental Patio Awnings

How much should the width be for a Continental Patio Awning in comparison to the projection?

For 5’3″, 7’0″, 8’6″, or 10’3″ arms — 14 inches more
For 10’3″ HD, 11’6″, or 13’0″ arms — 16 inches more (motorized) or 20 inches* more (gear-operated)
*On the larger arms, the eye end does not clear the adjustment bolt.

At what point would you add a second cradle on a Continental Awning?

If the awning has 10’3″, 11’6″, or 13’0″ arms, then you add a second cradle when the width of the awning exceeds 30ft.  If the 5’3″, 7’0″, or 8’6″ arms are used, then you add a second cradle when the width exceeds 35 ft.

What is the advantage to our single cable versus the double cable used in the arms?

Double cable systems use two small cables.  Even if only one breaks the arm will not work.  We use one thicker cable thus reducing the chance of it breaking.  In our 35 year history, broken cables have never been a problem.  Note: Galvanized steel cables are stronger than stainless steel cables.

How much weight can a Continental-Lateral Awning hold?

This is too general a question.  However, one can respond stating the arms have a flexibility of moving 2 ft. up and down without any damage to the arms.  Since water can accumulate so fast, the awning really has no fighting chance against the tremendous weight of water pooling up in the fabric.Note:  Every inch that a 3/8″ lag bolt penetrates a stud it can carry approximately 500 lbs. pulling force.

If the awning will not retract, what do you do?

CAUTION – Spring Loaded Arms.  Two people need to take a rope and tie it around the front bar clamps tight!  Then walk back towards the square tube and put the rope around the top of the square tube and drop the rope down.  Slowly start pulling on the ropes and tie the ropes around the fabric and the arms.

On a 30-foot wide awning, should the front bar bow?

If it bows only about an inch to an inch and a quarter, that is considered normal.  If it gets up to around 4 or 5 inches then you should loosen the front bar clamp at the front bar on the middle arm, then push the front bar back so that it straightens out, the re-tighten the front bar clamp.  BE CAREFUL! – SPRING LOADED ARMS!


Skylight Pergola/Lattice Awnings

What is the recommended distance between screws on the Skylight track?

There is no recommended distance.  It usually turns out that you put the screws where you can.

On a Skylight awning, would the tube start spinning back if you removed the motor from the roller tube?

First, you would need to release the tension on the cables.  USE CAUTION – When unit is under tension, DO NOT CUT CABLES!  Before you can remove the motor you need to expose the roller tube slightly in order to drill out the rivets holding the motor to the tube.

On the Skylight awning, where exactly does the motor cable come out of the motor?

One inch in from the end of the square tube, six inches up from the bottom of the wall bracket and three inches up from the top of the square tube.

Why is the six-foot wide Skylight only able to project out ten feet?

Because the spring box is not long enough to allow the spring to expand the distance necessary to allow the awning to project out more than ten feet.

What is the size of the Skylight track?

It is 3/4″ wide and 1″ tall.

What is the gap between two Skylights side by side?

8  – 9 inches.

At what pitch can you set the awning for rain?

One foot drop for every three feet of projection.


Cadette Retractable Window Awning

When installing a Cadette, how much wider does the frame need to be so that the arms clear the glass and any window molding?

If it is gear-operated you need at least 6 1/4″ and if it is motor-operated at least 5 3/4″.  Overall, we suggest that Cadette Awnings, if possible should be sold 1 ft. – 2 ft. wider than the width of the window opening on each side.



What is the maximum projection/drop for a CabriaTrak when the unit is wider than 12 ft.? (Even though the price list says 10 ft.)

When using the 2 3/4″ Tube the volume in the box gets reduced, therefore there is less room for the fabric to roll into.  The absolute maximum is 10 ft.   However, always ask a veteran employee — there could always be some exceptions.

Does the Drop Roll cable wear out?

Yes and No.  With the movement of the shade caused by the wind, the cable rubs against the eye end and eventually wears through.  However, several years ago we changed the eye ends to stainless steel marine grade eye ends, which have proven to be better because of its smooth inner surface.


Is there a surcharge for Fire Retardant Fabric?

Yes.  For the majority of Fire Retardant fabrics there is a 15-20% surcharge to the cost of the awnings.

What is the usual delivery time for an order?

For orders consisting of frame only it takes approximately 5 business days for it to go through our production.  For orders complete with fabric it takes approximately 3-4 weeks to go through production.

For Dealer Production Turn Around Times Please Call (800) 223-0883